Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 Wishing


1. to get a better job
2. to get more income
3. money. i want to earn alot money from this year start and reach my target as fast as possible.
4. 生活作息会更好.
5. 工作上我对自己所要求的 我要更进步
6. for love relationship, 目前认为, single is better. 随缘~

2012 YOU! go away! I hate you and also I love you!
I hate you because of LOVE and BITCH ASSHOLE.
I love you because of WORK, COLLEAGUE, FRIEND and FAMILY.

Also, thanks for 2012.
Thanks to BITCH ASSHOLE for took away my darkness.
Thanks to WORK, COLLEAGUE, FRIEND and FAMILY...lead me to the happiness.

Bye 2012.
2013, I'm ready. Come to me.